Program Outline

Day One

·         The Importance of Selecting the Right Staff

·         The Right Training for FSS Staff

·         The Right Attitude

·         Brief Overview of FSS Regulations

·         The Role of the FSS Coordinator

o      Face It: You’re No Superhero

o      Clients

o      Property Management

o      Upper Management

·         The Boundaries and Limitations of FSS

·         Ethics for FSS Coordinators

o      Ethical Boundaries

o      Real vs. Perceived Impropriety

o      Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You

·         The Client Perspective


Day Two

·         Designing and Implementing Your FSS Program

o      What HUD wants you to know

·         Designing Your Program Policies

·         Outreach Strategies

·         Orientation and Enrollment

·         The Escrow Account: Friend or Foe?

·         Interim Withdrawal Policies

·         Final Withdrawal Policies

·         Graduation Requirements and Policies

·         Extension Policies

·         Re-Enrollment Policies

·         Portability Policies

·         Grievances/Appeals Policies

·         Denial of Participation and Termination

·         Procuring Effective Supportive Services

·         Disability

·         Entrepreneurship


Day Three

·         The Importance of Correctly Positioning Your FSS Program Within Your Agency

·         Working With Upper Management

·         Getting the Right Support From Your Agency

·         The Power of the FSS Career Plan: The Career Planning Process

·         Documentation

o      The Importance of Accurate Documentation

o      Tools and Strategies for Documentation

o      Telling The Story With Data

·         Review for Certification Exam

·         Questions and Answers

·         Certification Exam


Here’s What Attendees Are Saying About PIC’s FSS Certification Program:

“The knowledge that the presenters had on FSS and all related subjects was priceless!”

“This was by far the best training that I EVER had! It exceeded my expectations.”

“The trainers were knowledgeable with plenty of real life experiences to make the experience practical and useful when I go back to the job.”

“I would absolutely recommend this training to other FSS Coordinators.”



What Makes Us Different:  Our Expertise

Both PIC Consulting's Principals were FSS Coordinators and eventually FSS Program Supervisors. Dealing with our workload on a daily basis was frustrating and overwhelming.  We attended various training programs and seminars to help us through the many issues that we were facing, and we still came back with more questions than answers.  We needed a lot of very specific help and information that was not available anywhere.

Through years of trial and error, experimenting with a variety of policies, procedures, training programs, and workshops, we learned what works and what doesn't work.  We came up with nationally recognized best practices that deliver solid results.

There are several people providing training for FSS professionals.  What makes PIC Consulting different is that everything that we impart has been applied and proven successful in our own work as FSS Coordinators.  We produced an outstanding FSS Program.  Staff members were able to deliver solid results, with a manageable workload, and feeling excited and proud about their daily efforts and clients were proudly working their plans, achieving their goals, and becoming truly self-sufficient.

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